Label Checker quality control system checks for the presence of the use-by-date

SICK AppSpace

Quality control is becoming ever more important. In the food industry, guaranteeing use-by-dates, in particular, is of the utmost importance to manufacturers – as demonstrated time and time again by media reports on food scandals. That is why the German organic food producer Midsona Germany chose the Label Checker from SICK. The compact quality control system was installed in order to guarantee the presence of the use-by-date on packaging. A good example of how production processes can be made more efficient and competitive with the help of industrial image processing. SICK offers 2D and 3D vision solutions that can be tailored to the specific requirements of the customer and which are often implemented in conjunction with the SICK AppSpace eco-system.

The organic food pioneers at Midsona Germany have been in the market for 35 years. Their primary business revolves around the refinement, packaging and sale of oilseeds, grain and rice. A diverse range of products are produced which are then offered for sale with a use-by-date. To ensure every packaging does in fact have this label, the responsible persons at the company searched for a suitable vision technology. The quality control system from SICK was the unrivaled best solution for Midsona.

Effortless commissioning

The Label Checker solution chosen by Midsona offers a complex label inspection capability with high-performance, optical character recognition. Ease-of-use, in particular, was a decisive selection criterion for the customer. “We needed a camera system that can be independently and easily programmed by the machine operator”, says Erwin Tenbrink, Technical Director at Midsona. And that is exactly what SICK allows with its Label Checker and accompanying software. Setting up and configuring the camera can be performed with ease via the web-based user interface.

Commissioning the new system was therefore a trouble-free and uncomplicated process for Midsona. The user interface is easy to understand and intuitive to use. After only a brief induction, the employees were able to commission the Label Checker themselves, including for example the straightforward teach-in of user-defined fonts.

State-of-the-art solution with SICK AppSpace

The Label Check is an outstanding example of how vision solutions based on the SICK AppSpace eco-system work. SICK AppSpace is the engineering framework for custom sensor applications. This eco-system provides intelligent software tools and algorithms that make developing SensorApps a breeze – with or without the assistance of the experts at SICK. It is supported by a dynamic developer community. Beside quality control applications, it can also be successfully used for positioning, robot guidance or track and trace. All in all, this combination opens the door to Industry 4.0 even wider – a system that is absolutely state-of-the-art.

For Erwin Tenbrink at Midsona, the future is already here and he concludes with satisfaction: “SICK brings us certainty.”