The consumer market influences industrial production – Part Two

To accomplish the many interim steps involved in customisation, ordering and production within the desired delivery time, automated production processes have to be networked with the ordering system software.

This calls for innovative engineers in IT and automation who are willing to venture down new paths and thereby ensure that the data required for production not only reaches the machine but can also be correctly interpreted by it.

It’s not enough for these specialists to be in command of the relevant technology – no, they must also understand users’ and customers’ mindsets and needs and be able to incorporate these into developments in their own company. These experts form a dedicated interface by acting as local “interpreters” between all the parties involved.

The workforce also needs technologically skilled support. When it comes to gaining new regional markets and customers, a highly effective team of field and office staff springs into action to ensure existing and new customers can optimise machines and systems, or develop new ones, for their own customers looking to stand out in a rapidly changing market.

While the field workers are the human face of the company in charge of identifying potential new customers as well as winning new orders, back-office staff cover several sales regions and are the technical specialists in charge of consulting customers and planning new orders. These two extremely exciting career profiles use technology that combines specialist knowledge and technical expertise with pinpointing customer trends.