Smart Product


Condition-based component monitoring and forecasting for industrial gear units

With our DriveRadar® range for industrial gear units, all operationally relevant mechanical parameters are recorded and analysed. Continuous evaluation of the measurement data ensures that the condition of the gear unit is transparent at all times.

Anomalies are assigned directly to a component, which simplifies root cause analysis.

This means that precisely tailored maintenance work can be planned at an early stage and maintenance measures can be carried out in a targeted manner. This leads to a reduction in life cycle costs and an increase in productivity.

Your benefits

  • Fast and straight forward start up (plug and play)
  • Continuous data acquisition of all operation-relevant parameters
  • Transparency through graphical representation of operating behaviour
  • Early detection of system-critical operating states
  • Cost reduction through condition-oriented maintenance
  • Agile spare parts storage and ordering
  • Predict machine and plant downtimes
  • Significantly reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Increase operational safety
  • Investment protection and longer life cycle times
  • Detailed diagnostics and decision support
  • Ensuring a high level of machine and system availability

With valuable data being generated in each phase of the product life cycle, we can measure

  • Operating hours
  • rotational speed
  • Vibration level
  • Oil fill quantity
  • Oil bath temperature
  • Oil viscosity
  • Electronics temperature
  • Ambient temperature