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Smart maintenance – The maintenance of the future

Smart maintenance – The maintenance of the future
Keeping ahead of the error

In the today’s world, trends such as “Industry 4.0”, the “Internet of Things” (IoT), and “Cyber-Physical Systems” (CPS) are setting the technology agenda for a whole range of industrial companies. In the future, components, machines, plants, and entire factories will be integrated into a digital network that transcends the boundaries of individual companies. These systems will have a distinct profile and be able to respond to changes proactively and communicate with their surroundings (“Smart Factory”).

Over the next few years, this market dynamic is expected to bring considerable structural changes to companies, including in terms of maintenance.

The system solutions for Industry 4.0 are clearly focused on raising productivity and feature ergonomic support for people. Smart maintenance, or Maintenance 4.0, plays a key role in this approach. Operators are to be given a tool that will ensure they can carry out maintenance tasks as appropriate to the actual wear and tear in their systems. Programs aim to provide an end-to-end digital map of drive components and system solutions so that customers can get a detailed insight into drive components, system solutions, and processes.

Collecting and evaluating data and predicting events

  • Condition Monitoring
    • Regular / permanent capture of the system status using sensor technology and measuring systems, such as endoscopy, thermography and vibration measurement
    • Objective: Condition-oriented maintenance using current system status
  • Predictive analysis
    • Permanent capture of the system parameters to predict failures
    • Objective: Predictive maintenance by means of permanent collection of data evaluated by using machine learning procedures