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Production through the years

Production through the years

In the context of digitalisation in production, we too at SEW-EURODRIVE have thought very carefully about how we can make our work for our customers faster and more customized and add value. The result is our 2030 production philosophy.

The fourth industrial revolution has already generated a great deal of philosophical discussion in countless magazines. We don’t wish to engage in this here, as you’re surely aware of these milestones.

Yet since the “third revolution”, very many things in production have also changed, starting with rigid line production and CIM (computer-integrated manufacturing), followed by lean management, which has continued up to the present and is now supported by IT. At SEW-EURODRIVE we therefore also talk about the lean smart factory.

INDUSTRY 4.0: Cyber-physical production systems

In this process, we see the following technical developments that will also gradually shape our production plants:

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