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Lean Smart Factory

Lean Smart Factory

Perfect symbiosis of people and technology – both in assembly and production

Industry 4.0 is an evolution in production and logistics processes. Based on the value creation principles of “one-piece flow” and “small factory unit”.

Perfectly implemented lean principles and methods based on Industry 4.0 create the basis for networked, modular and efficient production in batch sizes of just one unit if need be.

The key to success? The symbiosis of “people and technology” along the entire value creation chain – from configuration and production to assembly and delivery.

The lean Smart Factory not only focuses on the assembly process for batch sizes of only one unit.

Concepts of Industry 4.0 also apply to the production area. The fractal factory according to lean principles is the basis also for production.

Logistics assistants are used to network the processing stations and centres.

Handling assistants take care of heavy or monotonous tasks, for example equipping lathes and milling machines with raw parts, or sorting the machined parts into racks for further processing, such as hardening.