Intelligent combination of human, technology, and IT

Technology is no longer a mere "instrument", but a "partner" of humans.

Lean and industry 4.0 support the employees

The intelligent collaboration of humans, technology, and IT reduces the workload of the employees. Work places can be optimally designed and all work equipment can be placed in the best point range. In addition, the physical strain is reduced by changed tasks and rotation in the teams.

The automation by industry 4.0 makes the collaboration of humans and technology more efficient, as short-cycle and precise information is provided for each work sequence. This allows for the employee on site to make more intelligent decisions in case of unplanned and unpredictable situations.

In industry 4.0, humans have the role of solution provider, decision-maker, and innovator.

New procedures of value creation lead to new processes

Lean in highest perfection is the prerequisite for restructuring the value creation procedures. Loosely connected modules replace the central material flow. This leads to changeable processes and variable optimization criteria.

While order processing used to be almost completely automatic, humans are now included more in this process. They control the orders aiming for the best possible results.

This makes the order and resource control the key task in the smart factory. We create tools that maintain the process transparency.