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Intelligent automation – key role in smart production

Intelligent automation – key role in smart production

For the most part, the technologies for Industry 4.0 already exist in the highly developed automation technology used for production systems. Computer-integrated manufacturing and lean production have led to lean processes based on efficiency, simplicity and reliability. Now the question is how the proven technologies can be networked and combined into new autonomous systems.

SEW-EURODRIVE is adding intelligent automation to the methods and processes of lean management. This includes assistance systems for delivering logistics and complex adaptive systems that automatically recognize procedures, learn independently and can be integrated into existing systems. The SEW-EURODRIVE product portfolio – with its modular design – is kickstarting the evolutionary transformation to the smart factory. New procedures and processes are only possible with drive, control and automation technology, navigation and tracking, power supply and storage, visualization, object-oriented parameterization and simulation.

Reference: Industry 4.0, A white paper by SEW-EURODRIVE

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