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Efficiency and flexibility in intralogistics

Efficiency and flexibility in intralogistics

Intralogistics has been in a state of transition for years. E-commerce, automation and digitalisation coupled with demographic change are profoundly affecting and transforming the requirements and processes involved.

Online sales have been growing for years, changing not only consumer behavior, but above all supply chains. Statista forecasts 8 percent growth in the sector for 2018, with intralogistics destined to play a key role. Efficient processes are crucial to fulfilling consumers’ expectations with regard to orders and delivery.

Demographic change is also affecting intralogistics. Workforces are getting older across the board, and this means that companies need to install performance-enhancing systems and solutions in the workplace. The assistance systems used in smart factories not only optimise assembly processes, but also relieve staff of a lot of physical effort by taking on heavy lifting, improve the delivery of materials and free people up to perform more varied tasks.