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Maintenance redefined

Under the umbrella of DriveRadar®, SEW‑EURODRIVE offers intelligent, scalable services for the smart factory along the entire life cycle of individual products and complex systems with the aim of significantly increasing their availability.

With the functional levels Smart Product (drive components), Smart System (system solutions) and Smart Process (plant processes), DriveRadar® offers integrated digital service offerings / products with the added value of in‑depth analysis and monitoring of drive components, system solutions and processes.

DriveRadar® is based on Smart Support, which forms the technical infrastructure between local aggregated drive or system data, e.g. from an edge computing system and the higher‑level IT systems (SEW cloud, customer cloud, open platform).

Your benefits

  • Online recording of operating parameters
  • Displaying the condition and operation to provide transparency
  • Possibilities for process optimization
  • Preventing malfunctions and unplanned outages / idling times thanks to early warnings of critical system states or abnormal operations
  • Making maximum use of component and system lifecycles
  • Improving the ability to plan maintenance and repairs
  • Ensuring/increasing the availability of components, machinery and systems

DriveRadar® aims to determine the status of products, machinery and systems by using data that is recorded during the operation of drive systems. The data is evaluated using cutting‑ edge predictive analytics procedures, converted with expert knowledge to instructions for action and interpreted and made available in a data‑ base corresponding to the level. This means, DriveRadar® can prevent unforeseen failures and interferences in operation, detect wear, and minimize downtimes.

The services in SEW‑EURODRIVE’s DriveRadar® portfolio give operators the tools they need to draw conclusions about statuses, wear and tear, and capacity utilization based on real data, so they can then derive recommended courses of action.