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Cyberphysical systems

Cyberphysical systems

Cyber physical systems are revolutionising the development of products in their areas of application.

New core competence for companies – the enduring ability to deliver creative destruction and innovation.

Networked processes and cyberphysical systems (CPS) are set to be the focus of factories in Industry 4.0. These cyberphysical systems – which are defined in the interaction between IT/software components and mechanical and electronic parts and communicate with each other via a data infrastructure, such as the web – will make rigid, traditional production processes seem outdated in the future.

Continuous evaluation of both existing and continuously generated new data, and its evaluation as part of a data mining process based on algorithms, will create a new core competence for companies. This involves nothing more and nothing less than the enduring ability to deliver innovation and optimise products and processes.

A creative destruction process is called for

It’s no longer enough for companies of the future to have an innovative product with outstanding unique selling points. The previously unique guarantee of value creation now needs to be regularly re-examined with the focus on creativity. Innovation is produced from the creative destruction of the status quo. Ultimately, the focus in the Industry 4.0 factory is on interlinking products and processes in such a way that added value can be generated for companies, their customers and employees, and society as a whole.