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Customised products and services

Customised products and services

Networking as part of Industry 4.0 enables much more comprehensive decentralisation of all processes. When combined with the greater autonomy of the individual components, this results in more than just a boost to cost-effectiveness. For the first time, it can also produce economies of scale for single quantities, all accompanied by a strong focus on the specific needs of customers.

To enable production of single quantities, SEW-EURODRIVE applies the modular principle to its products. Customised finishing is performed after installation of the basic hardware. This results in short throughput times, without the need for extra design-to-order input.

Completely customised products and services are no longer a utopia. As seen so dramatically with smartphones, it’s users themselves who personalise their devices. Manufacturers provide them with apps via platforms and thus also increase the added value by involving the users themselves in the personalisation process.

Reference: Industry 4.0, A white paper by SEW-EURODRIVE

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