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Cloud Computing – keeping ahead of errors

Cloud Computing – keeping ahead of errors

Complex adaptive systems recognize procedures, learn independently and can be integrated into existing systems.

Plants, products and systems that detect faults, maintain themselves and adapt to new situations are key in Industry 4.0. The modular 4.0 factory is networked, and decentralized knowledge is available beyond the individual production centres. Adaptive systems recognize procedures, learn, adapt and eliminate future errors. The vision of an adaptive production system is paramount. Standardized subsystems and an equally standardized software structure are designed to help processes adapt independently to new conditions in the future. Ultimately, it is a matter of eliminating errors before they become a reality.

New dimensions: plug and produce – plug and play

Flexibility, adaptability and the ability to perform self-maintenance are an integral part of the 4.0 factory. Wide-ranging sensor technology ensures monitoring of processes, products and the environment. The actual situation is mapped exactly in a digital shadow. This virtual representation of reality can be used to identify changes in processes and products. In a second phase, the impact of these changes is simulated, and new, fault-free processes are approved and turned into reality.

The 4.0 factory also calls for self-configuring machines. The key words here being “plug and produce.” The machines have chips that they use to communicate with other components in production. Printers and keyboards that configure themselves independently operate in a similar way. However, this is then “plug and play” rather than “plug and produce.” All these processes save time – companies can convert their production faster and also, for example, produce smaller volumes.

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