Assembly Assistants


As mobile workbenches, the assistive function of the mobile systems make optimal human-machine interaction possible. Their adjustable working height enables them to adapt ergonomically to the respective worker for safe working directly on the mobile assistant.

Your benefits
  • Optimum support
    Because the autonomous assembly assistant is an intelligent workbench that enables safe working directly on the assistant
  • Smooth and process sequence
    Thanks to state-of-the-art navigation, positioning and communication technologies
  • Fast and wear-free travel
    Via the MOVITRANS® contactless inductive energy transmission, which can be used as a line cable and for point charging
Mobile workbenches for optimum human-machine interaction

The latest communication and navigation technologies are utilized to ensure that the assembly assistants are always at the right time at the right assembly location with the required material. LightLAN-based optical data transmission not only permits communication between the vehicles, but also provides information regarding the current operating state of the vehicle, i.e. whether it is currently moving, moving in a straight line, braking or turning, etc.

We have designed an application-specific assembly assistant specially for the automotive industry. It is used in the final assembly of vehicle bodies and can therefore support loads of up to 1400 kg.