Highlights from the Industry 4.0 Roadshow Luncheon in Melbourne

On Wednesday 12th September, industry partners SICK, SEW-EURODRIVE and FESTO hosted the Industry 4.0 Roadshow Luncheon held at Festo headquarters in Melbourne. The event was an opportunity for our customers based in Melbourne to learn more about how to take advantage of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of things (IIoT) as well as pass on our experiences surrounding this topic with some real-life examples.

The event kicked off mid-morning in Festo’s Technology Showroom with a welcome address by Peter Sullivan (Managing Director for Festo Australia and New Zealand). This was followed by a presentation from Peter Sullivan himself who spoke about the possibilities through networking, cloud solutions and energy efficiency that offer machine, system builders and their end customers to improve their overall equipment effectiveness significantly. Jason Mair (Product and Marketing Manager for SICK) and Janak Gorana (Project Leader РCustomer Project Management for SICK) continued the discussion and spoke about data capture using intelligent sensors that support real-time decisions to increase process efficiency within a supply chain. After a series of presentations and Q&A, guests were taken on a tour of the Festo factory through its adaptable production and logistics hub. Guests were then treated to lunch which was served up in the showroom, they also had the chance to explore the latest product innovations and see demonstrations of working displays in action.

We wish to thank all our guests for spending the morning with us, we hope you gained further insight about Industry 4.0 and will help you start thinking of ways SICK, SEW-EURODRIVE and FESTO can support your processes now and in the future.

The partnership between SICK, SEW-EURODRIVE and FESTO is actively leading the way in digitalisation and we are continuing to demonstrate and explore the possibilities that lie between the real production world and the digital world so that we can pass this experience onto our customers.

We plan to do more events like these in future, so make sure you stay connected with us.

See you at the next event!

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