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The Handling Guide Online is revolutionising engineering for ready-to-install solutions

The Handling Guide Online is revolutionising engineering for ready-to-install solutions

The Handling Guide Online optimises and shortens work flow by combining the virtual and real world. It enables engineers to design the right ready-to-install handling system from Festo in record time, whether it is a single-axis system, a two-dimensional linear and planar surface gantry or a three-dimensional gantry. The configuration and ordering software now even supplies commissioning files, thus saving further valuable time.

The range of standard handling systems from Festo makes it possible to create many solutions, from the single-axis system YXCS for one-dimensional movements to two-dimensional systems like the linear gantry YXCL for vertical movements, or from the planar surface gantry YXCF for horizontal movements to three-dimensional movements in space with the three-dimensional gantry YXCR.

In Festo’s Handling Guide Online design and project engineers have a smart and intuitive tool to configure and create new system solutions; and since the new configuration and ordering platform is integrated into Festo’s online product catalogue there is no need to interrupt the value chain. They can have the right standard handling system, including CAD model, in just a few mouse clicks. The individual steps including RFQ, layout, quotation and CAD design, which previously took 10 to 15 days, can now be done in just a matter of minutes by the Handling Guide Online.

The Handling Guide Online opens up entirely new horizons with standardised handling systems. It is revolutionising assembly and delivery times, reducing them from nearly two months to just a few weeks. New standard products are also shortening parameterisation and commissioning times. Machine and equipment manufacturers could reduce their time-to-market for integrated handling systems by around 70%. Thanks to this engineering tool, design engineers have more time and space for creativity in planning and project engineering processes for their companies’ core areas of technological expertise.

Just a few steps to a handling system

Just a few steps are all it takes to arrive at a fully configured handling system. In the first step, the design engineer selects the required type of handling system and enters the application data in the Handling Guide Online. The tool calculates and suggests appropriate handling systems.

The planner then selects the most suitable handling system from these suggestions. The data sheet and the correctly configured CAD model are immediately available to download in all common data formats so they can be directly integrated into the customer’s own design engineering system. The engineer then uses additional options to configure the selected system in accordance with his own requirements. The selected handling system can then be sent directly to Festo for quotation.

Efficient commissioning

Festo now offers commissioning files for fast commissioning. The files are custom created on the basis of user input and the calculated system, and can be loaded directly into the motor controller. The commissioning file contains a set of values specifically for the handling system, consisting of axis dimensions, motor characteristics, feed constants and dynamic data.

A special feature is that the controller settings are automatically calculated on the basis of the payload, the dead weight and the system dynamics entered by the user. This enables users to shorten their time-to-market.