Smartenance successfully integrated to make maintenance even easier

With the maintenance software Smartenance, Festo has ushered machine and system maintenance into the digital era. Maintenance teams no longer need paper and pen, and long communication channels are a thing of the past. Festo now offers the software Smartenance with more functions.

Maintenance and incident management couldn’t be easier with the maintenance software Smartenance. It provides an easy and reliable means of maintaining machines and systems, and can be used without being installed, directly in a browser and as a mobile app. All upcoming maintenance tasks are displayed clearly with pictures and step-by-step instructions.

With Smartenance, production managers upload all important maintenance planning data to the cloud so that it is available to all maintenance engineers at any time. Production managers create maintenance plans on a desktop, and the maintenance team can then view these plans directly at the system using an app on their smartphone or tablet. Incidents can be reported on the go and appropriate corrective measures can be documented.

The new functions

The previous range of functions now makes up the “Smartenance Basic” package. The new “Smartenance Advanced” package adds to these functions. With the familiar interface and user guidance, users will find all the relevant information about their machines and systems in one tool, the digital logbook. This digital logbook came about following customer requests. All events are stored there so that the maintenance documentation is always up to date. This means that users have an even better overview. 

Another added function is the reporting of incidents using a ticket system. The maintenance team documents all repair work in the new machine logbook. A convenient search function provides an overview of what was done when on what machine, and how it was repaired.

 In addition to incident management and the machine logbook, the third licence package “Smartenance Premium” includes a data interface for even more flexibility. Using the data interface, maintenance technicians can integrate Smartenance into their own application environment and in this way automate further processes. Information can be automatically imported into or exported from Smartenance. This means that event-based maintenance management is also possible. The licences for the three Smartenance versions can be purchased via the Festo App World. Interested parties can also test Smartenance free of charge for four weeks first.

Numerous customers in the automotive, food and packaging industries use Smartenance to simplify their maintenance processes. The international plants in the Festo Group around the world use the digital tool for maintenance and incident management and to provide ongoing feedback as part of a continuous improvement process.

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