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Seamless connectivity: everything fits! Even for Industry 4.0

Seamless connectivity: everything fits! Even for Industry 4.0

With the modular production system for personalised USB memory sticks, Festo created a demonstration system in which everything fits perfectly, from the mechanical and electric systems to the intelligence, thanks to software. The Festo automation platform provides an integrated and practical system to link all Festo engineering tools, components and solutions in hardware and software.

New from Festo: one automation platform for all steps!

The automation platform from Festo offers everything for Industry 4.0. In our new production system, USB memory sticks can be personalised in four steps. Our electric products, the mechanical systems for the axes, the electrics and the software are developed in such a way that you get a complete automation platform with seamless connectivity. You will save time, from planning to commissioning, and gain maximum process reliability since everything fits together.

Four stations to a perfectly personalised memory stick

At the first station you create the production order by registering with your name and perhaps a picture. You identify yourself on the machine, e.g. using a QR code. A vision system SBSI registers you and starts the production order. This is followed by stock management. This mechatronic complete solution, made up among other things of a planar surface gantry in size 40 for fast picking and placing of the USB memory stick, offers all the options from stock management and workpiece handling to the cloud.

The USB memory stick is then transported, printed, turned over and then passed on. The work steps involved are holding, moving, handling, rotating and positioning, identifying the workpiece position and identifying, separating, gripping and applying labels. Fast transfer to a label printer is carried out by a linear gantry EXCT with dynamic servo motors EMMT-AS and servo drives CMMT-AS. The rotation functions are carried out by electric rotary drives ERMH. The process is completed in station 4 where files are uploaded to the USB memory stick. This involves holding the workpiece, turning and carefully positioning the cap and press fitting delicate parts. This is done using the attractively priced electric cylinders EPCO and rotary drives ERMO. Your personalised USB memory stick is then ready for you.

One-of-a-kind connectivity, one-of-a-kind engineering tools

The machine for the USB memory stick was designed in a very short time. This was made possible by the state-of-the-art and standardised Festo engineering environment. Festo Projects simplifies project planning and the management of digital twins. This enables you to work collaboratively worldwide. With the Festo Handling Guide Online, you can select and size 1D, 2D and 3D gantries in just three steps, including planar surface and linear kinematics. And with the Festo Automation Suite, you can program and configure in one environment and commission the complete drive system quickly and easily. The Festo dashboards and AI algorithms (artificial intelligence) from our partner Resolto are available if you want to visualise your data from the cloud and use big data analytics.

This is a great example that shows how automation technology will evolve along the value chain when combined with digitalisation.