Saving time with smart drive packages

When you analyse the processes along the entire value chain, you clearly see just how much time can be saved with automation modules. The electric cylinder EPCO from the Optimised Motion Series, for example, can help to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on engineering, procurement and commissioning.

Before an automation module becomes part of a machine or system, it must pass through numerous stations in its value chain. Regarding the time factor, this chain can be broken down into the following constituent parts: development and design, engineering, selection and sizing, ordering and procurement as well as commissioning and assembly. With the Optimised Motion Series, the biggest time savings are achieved in engineering, ordering and commissioning, as time savings of 70 per cent can be achieved during configuration.

Shorter time to market

To stay one step ahead in fiercely competitive markets, being able to commission the right automation modules in your machines and systems faster than your competitors can be a decisive advantage. Time to market is the key here. The shorter this is, the greater the competitive edge that machinery and equipment manufacturers can give their customers. Companies that minimise development and design time enable their customers to bring their products onto the market faster. At Festo, for example, development projects must be subjected to the Critical Chain Process Management. Development engineers continuously look for areas in the new product development process where development time and costs can be reduced.

Quick to configure

Machinery and equipment manufacturers notice significant progress when they choose the electric cylinder EPCO. The time savings in terms of the engineering, selection and sizing processes as well as ordering and procurement processes are considerable. Using just one type code, the electric cylinder is easy to configure and can be ordered in the right size and combination. The user gets not just the electric cylinder itself, but also the correct motor, the pre-assembled cables suitable for use with energy chains and the position controller CMMO-ST. You simply enter the order code and the drive package is delivered ready to be installed in the machine and system. As a result, the workload in your purchasing department is reduced, warehousing and logistics are simplified and you save time, because the individual parts no longer have to be assembled.

Time savings of 70 per cent

The electric cylinder EPCO from the Optimised Motion Series reduces commissioning and assembly times. This is because the individual components of the entire drive package are harmonised with one another, thus eliminating the effort required to match everything. The clearly defined configuration options ensure short commissioning times. With the Festo Configuration Tool alone, you have access to 31 positioning options plus diagnostic functions. You can achieve time savings in the region of 70 per cent for configuration.

On a PC, you can configure 31 positioning options and enter values for acceleration, speed, force and jerk limitation – without the need for a PLC. The process is even faster with the Festo parameter cloud. With Web-Config, the EPCO can be configured in next to no time. The controller has its own IP address and the Festo parameter cloud provides all the data necessary for pre-defined and tested combinations. This means users save a great deal of time while being able to approach up to seven freely definable positions.

The electric cylinder EPCO shows that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to reach your goal faster than everyone else. It just needs to be perfectly in tune with the vehicle and the terrain.

With the Optimised Motion Series, Festo has recognised the growing importance of sophisticated solutions that offer customers real added value.