Practical video tutorials explain how users can commission Festo products or carry out simple maintenance work themselves

No more operating manuals: Festo service videos can be accessed on the go via a tablet or smartphone.

Optimising productivity and minimising downtime are key to maximising efficiency. Underestimating how long a maintenance task will take, or the degree of difficulty involved – even something as simple as having all the tools you need for the task in hand – has a major impact. Festo has developed an online library of free video support tutorials to help engineers working with their electric and pneumatic automation technology tackle common service and maintenance tasks with confidence.

For example, users of Festo automation technology can see in just a few steps how to change a toothed belt on a linear axis; how to easily replace wearing parts on a pneumatic drive; how to commission a field bus valve terminal; or assign functions for an Eplan project. Users no longer have to pore over pages of operating instructions to find help – they can just click, watch and do.

Included within each tutorial is information on the degree of difficulty, the time involved, and the tools required: along with illustrated examples of typical fault sources. The videos are the perfect complement to the Festo documentation and technical hotline. Ideal for use on mobile devices such as a tablet or smartphone, they can be watched directly at the repair bench or at the machine. Taken together, they also provide a solid foundation for engineers wanting to explore more complex automation scenarios.

The online tutorial resource is being added to all the time, based on questions commonly raised with the Festo technical hotline team. A subscription to the YouTube channel “Festo Service” informs you about newly uploaded video tutorial. Take a look and subscribe to the channel at: