Festo TechTalk – Festo provides answers to the digital transformation in industry

In our Festo TechTalk, four experts from Festo are giving answers on how we support our customers through the digital transformation process. Get insights into smart products that help companies to produce energy-efficiently, educational measures that empower employees for lifelong learning as well as for the digital working world, and our new Bionic Projects 2020.

Topics at a glance:

Digitisation makes our customers more efficient

Thanks to smart products such as the IoT Gateway, we have the ability to bring the data directly from the plant to our dashboards and work with it, whether at the machines, in the factory or in the cloud.

The digital valve terminal allows the compressed air to adapt to the actual demand without having to convert the system. In addition, the C2M module measures the consumption of a system and automatically switches to energy-saving mode when on standby. With the C2M module, leaks can be detected and repaired at machine level.

Education plays an important role in this age of digitisation

Technology in itself is useless if you can’t use it properly. Digitisation is not a flash in the pan. We will see a steady flow of new technologies and business models changing the industry at an ever faster pace. Many companies will have to train or further educate their employees in Industry 4.0.

New from the Bionic Learning Network: autonomous and self-sufficient assistance system

The BionicMobileAssistant moves autonomously in space and can independently recognise objects, grasp them adaptively and work on them together with humans. The processing of the acquired information is performed by a neural network that has been trained in advance using data augmentation. The mobile assistance system is modular and consists of three subsystems: a ballbot, an electric robot arm and the BionicSoftHand 2.0 – a pneumatic gripper inspired by the human hand.

The animal kingdom also served as a source of inspiration: as a second project, Festo is showing the BionicSwift, an artificial bird that can fly as a flock in a defined airspace using a radio-based indoor GPS.