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Festo design tool 3D now as a fast online tool

Festo design tool 3D now as a fast online tool

Configure product modules in just a few seconds

Fast, reliable and efficient – the Festo Design Tool 3D Online configuration software reduces the risk of errors when designing and ordering system modules. The software is now available online, and no longer needs to be downloaded and installed locally. The online version is another module offered by Festo to support its customers entering the digital age.

As of now, users can also use the Festo Design Tool 3D online at www.festo.com/FDT-3D-online in any browser – without the need to install it locally. In addition, the new web version is integrated into the Festo product catalogue under the category “Ready-to-install solutions”. The integration of the web version in the product catalogue offers designers and buyers greater convenience; it makes designing and ordering pre-assembled modules or “PRE-packs” fast, reliable and efficient as all component parts and the assembly drawing are included in one kit.

Fewer errors

The Festo Design Tool 3D has been available to download as an offline version in just a few installation steps since 2014. The software reduces the risk of errors when designing and ordering product modules and provides a convenient, reliable and fast guide to designing drives with accessories in all common CAD formats.

With the Festo Design Tool 3D users can select products in a 3D view, automatically and quickly generate product combinations and call up delivery times together with price information. The configured products from Festo are available as native CAD models and thus help to retain the CAD component links (CAD constraints, CAD mates).


Once configuration is complete, a unique order ID for the product modules is assigned during the ordering process. The order then goes directly into the Festo basket. Shorter bills of materials and a single type code simplify the delivery as well as the assembly of system modules while also reducing the potential for errors. The effort involved in documentation is also reduced, and tracing orders is simplified since the PDF module drawings and bills of materials can be viewed worldwide at any time in the Festo Support Portal thanks to the type code.

The Festo Design Tool 3D Online currently includes standard product ranges available for fast delivery such as the DSBC, ADN, ADVC, AEVC and DSNU series, the semi-rotary drives DRRD and DRVS, and cylinder series with guide like DFM and DGSL.

Dawn of digitalisation

With the online version, Festo is driving digitalisation in the area of product configuration and supporting its customers entering the age of Industry 4.0. Festo as an automation expert is combining its extensive knowledge of industrial applications with the latest developments in information technology to realise online applications for industrial automation practice.

Festo is also using digital communication to support its customers throughout the Digital Customer Journey. This digital journey guides users safely and comprehensively through the Festo portfolio, from information procurement and configuration through ordering and delivery to commissioning and maintenance or even to the technical training offering of Festo Didactic.

Use the online design tool.