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Engineering in the virtual and the real world

Engineering in the virtual and the real world

State-of-the-art engineering plays an important role in achieving increased productivity – the kind of engineering which will be central to Industry 4.0 and which will form a cornerstone of your success. That is why we are continuously further developing engineering methods and enhancing our software tools and apps.

Engineering and value creation

We help you tap into unimagined productivity reserves and generate additional productivity along the entire value chain. In every phase of your project, from the initial contact to the modernisation of your machine, you will come across several different tools which will be of use to you.

Engineering and life cycle

To meet your needs even more effectively, we have analysed project workflows and defined eight phases. We then allocated our software tools and apps to the appropriate phases. You benefit by being able to find the right support quickly and easily.

Schematic Solution for EPLAN projects, for example, documents your configured solutions comprehensively and in next to no time. Simply enter the order code and receive the complete plan in just a few minutes – error-free and trouble-free. Instead of tediously having to search for, download and piece together individual components, all the hard work is done for you, cutting the amount of time required from several hours to just a few minutes.

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