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Digitalisation of the customer interface

Digitalisation of the customer interface

The manner of cooperation with customers is rapidly changing. Along with the classic sales channels, customers are increasingly using the company’s online product catalogue to immerse themselves into the virtual world. Festo speaks here of the “digital customer journey”. The catalogue shows in digital form all of the contact points – from the engineering process with CAD tools, via product selection, configuration, virtual initialisation, up to monitoring over the entire product life cycle.

Digitalisation enables customers to design, simulate and operate their production systems as a virtual twin. They already know in advance whether the modules of their systems will work together as desired. The complexity of flexible, adaptive production is made controllable through integrated intelligence. The data acquired during operation of the systems open up completely new insights into the processes and machinery conditions.

Cloud applications process the resource data into valuable information in real time. Anticipatory maintenance reduces the risk of machine downtime and production losses. Surveillance of temperature curves, compressed air consumption, wear data or mixing ratios, and locating leakages are just some examples of the possibilities now open to operators. A “machinery memory” of the processes is generated that provides the basis for optimal configuration and parametrisation

The Festo product key in data matrix format

More and more Festo products have a data matrix code on the rating plate known as the product key.  Using a moble phone and any standard app, you can read these codes to get all the key information about the product – wherever you are. You can now also send the information to your processing department in an email to create repeat orders of products. This is the key to the world of Industry 4.0.

In future, a Festo product will receive constant digital upgrades as the Festo product key will be linked to the newly created Festo App World. With the Festo App World upgrades and services for a specific component can be bought. It includes mobile apps, for one of newest innovations, the Festo Motion Terminal for example, web apps for the cloud, desktop apps, apps for programmable logic controllers and firmware apps.