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Adding value to supply chains through additive manufacturing

Adding value to supply chains through additive manufacturing

HP & Festo leading the trends of digital manufacturing

Additive manufacturing processes are leading the way of the 4th industrial revolution with its numerous advantages. They allow the creation of lighter, more complex designs that would be otherwise impossible, reduce lead times, material waste and inventory, among others.

Automated and intelligent smart factories

The advantages of additive manufacturing are helping to transform industrial value chains. Digitally networked and fully automated process chains make it possible to fully exploit the added value of 3D printing and to use it economically in smart factories. Intelligent transport and handling systems take on the intralogistics and optimize the material flow, since the products carry their production data with them in a digital component file. Quality monitoring also takes place inline, so that the current process can be controlled even with the slightest deviations. The cloud-based networking of different production locations and decentralized on-demand production, on the other hand, allows production to take place where the market is. This ensures optimum capacity utilization and avoids unnecessary transports.

Working together to enable business solutions

HP has one of the largest and most sophisticated design and engineering supply chains in the IT industry – with Festo being one of its trusted suppliers.

Festo products for pneumatic and electric automation technology can accelerate the automation of processes, thus laying the foundation for mass production. Expertise and reliable products from Festo, such as for flow and pressure control, are a critical component of enabling a stable process in additive production. The capability of Festo solutions to be networked across the entire control hierarchy, from the mechanics to the cloud, will allow HP to develop flexible and automated 3D printers delivering superior productivity and parts consistency.

In addition, Festo’s global presence enables the quick and reliable delivery of automation technology wherever it is needed by their customers. The wide product portfolio from Festo and the quality of their technical departments are a true support for HP in the development of new products.

Introducing 3D printing to speed up productivity

Festo, too, is leading the way of industry 4.0 by using HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology in the Scharnhausen Technology Plant in Germany to produce individual series components that cannot be produced using conventional technology. The introduction of HP’s industry leading 3D printing technology is helping Festo unlock the full potential of 3D printing and add value to their customer’s supply chains.

Critical to digital manufacturing transformation is productivity, efficiency and high-quality parts. Festo is leveraging the advanced capabilities of HP’s Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solutions to speed up its time to market and take advantage of pioneering economic features. The technical capabilities of the overall HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution enable high speed production and sustainability, both critical for manufacturing. HP’s industrial 3D printing solutions enable continuous printing and cost-efficient materials with industry-leading reusability.

“We are excited to work with Festo, a global leader in industrial automation, to meet the demands of both its own business and of its customers”, said Fabio Annunziata, Head of Strategic Alliances, 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing, HP Inc.  “Festo is leveraging HP’s 3D printing solutions to speed up its time to market, explore distributed manufacturing, and optimize complex supply chains. We will continue to collaborate at both ends to drive the transformation of a smart factory.”