Industry 4.0 requires integrated value creation processes

SEW-EURODRIVE’s Online Support portal enables customers to network their own value creation processes with those of the company across the board based on the...

Changes through the ages

As we look through the changes of industrial revolutions they all have one thing in common – the focus is always on changes to...

Production through the years

In the context of digitalisation in production, we too at SEW-EURODRIVE have thought very carefully about how we can make our work for our...

Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 ready mobile assistance systems as presented by SEW-EURODRIVE Germany with augmented reality technology.

Get ahead | shape the future

SEW-EURODRIVE Germany, shaping the future

Workplace 4.0 – insight at SEW-EURODRIVE Germany

In the factory of SEW-EURODRIVE near Bruchsal, Germany, the vision of Industry 4.0 has already become reality.

Evolution of Industrial Gears

Mechanical gearing technology has been a mainstay of industry for over a century and has matured to the point where no major breakthroughs are...

The consumer market influences industrial production – Part Two

To accomplish the many interim steps involved in customisation, ordering and production within the desired delivery time, automated production processes have to be networked...

The consumer market influences industrial production – Part One

Sooner or later, what we use in our homes usually ends up making its way into industrial manufacturing. The main difference lies in the...

Mobile systems

Achieving maximum flexibility and efficiency, producing batch sizes of one and optimising costs are what's expected from the factory of the future. Perfectly implemented lean...